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About the game

This was my first real project. It started as a quick game I threw together with assets I had no rights to after about three weeks of working with GameMaker. I decided it was actually decent enough that I'd remake it with assets I could actually use and put it out there

This is a simple space shooter with Asteroids style movement. The game throws more and more enemies at you as you clear levels. Maybe there's even a big bad enemy that has a chance to appear. Or maybe not. You'll have to find out

The game isn't quite finished

While pretty much all the core features are there and the game is perfectly playable, there are some things I'd eventually like to implement, among them being:

  • A high score system
  • Greater enemy variety
  • Background music. Maybe


W or Up Arrow to propel your ship forward. A/D or Left Arrow/Right Arrow to rotate. Space Bar to fire. With mouse controls enabled, your ship will rotate to look at your mouse pointer. W or Up Arrow to go, Left Mouse Button or Space to fire. This kind of sucks if you're using a laptop pad instead of a mouse
Press R at any time during play to restart


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Pew Pew Shoot Shoot.exe 4 MB